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Dell BGA Rework Service Chennai

Dell BGA Rework Service Chennai

BGA rework service is our next expertise level of service on time consumption basis. BGA Rework (re-work) is the phrase for applying a new finish to operation or repair of an electronic printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, Usually involving desoldering and re-soldering of surface-mounted electronic components (SMD) and Integrated Chips. Most processing techniques are not applicable to single device repairable or replacement, and specialized manual techniques by experts using appropriate equipment are required to replace defective components; area array packages such as ball grid array (BGA) devices particularly require expertise and proper in the circumstances tools. A hot air gun or hot air station is used to attach the devices and specialised tools are used to pick up and position often tiny components.

Ball Grid Array technique also applicable in the chip level service, without testing the IC’s under the 5V or 3.3V, Directly the balls are removed by using the BGA Machine, Very minimal amount of time is required for the fixing all the issues compare to the chip level service which done without the BGA Machine.

Rework Process includes following Process:

  • Evacuating BGA chip with rework system and solder patches scouring on PCB with solder iron to make solder pad flat; Clean and detach flux scours with special cleaner.
  • Please check all BGA chips are hard or saturate; Put damp BGA components into dry box to dry.
  • Print solder paste on dismantle location before soldering BGA; Small and special BGA trim is necessary because there are other components on the board; Thickness and size of trims are decided by BGA ball diameter and distance
  • For chip scale package whose ball diameter is <0.4mm, operators can cover flux on PCB solder pad precisely
  • Set revamp program and put dry BGA into preparation location; revamp system will take it automatically and then place it into soldering location.
  • Set patching temperature according BGA size, PCB thickness and others; then rework station will complete soldering process.

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